Sunday, December 16, 2007

Vital Sign: 4,500 Scientists in GE’s Bangalore John F Welch Technology Centre

The first post tagged as 'Vital Signs'. 'Vital Signs' posts will be posts which feature a Key Performance Indicator of the innovation economy.

As reported in the article "GE puts India on Centre Stage" (Business Standard), GE has drawn up plans to make India a global sourcing hub for all its core businesses. The story illustrates GE's strategy for sourcing innovative products from India:

Giving an example of products developed in India, which can be taken to mature markets, Chopra said that GE’s John F Welch Technology Centre in Bangalore had developed a mobile electro-cardiogram, which costs a fraction of what existing machines cost.

“We can even sell it for use at home in the US,” said Chopra, adding, “We solve unique problems here as over 300 million people live at less than $1 a day. The innovation coming out of this country in terms of technology as well as business models can help us in whatever we do.”