Saturday, January 31, 2009

Vital Signs: HP's environmental goals

On the topic of vital signs relating to corporate sustainability initiatives, HP is setting a strong example of how global organizations can contribute to the reduction of their carbon footprint:

Picking up on the Davos call for investments needed to develop a clean energy infrastructure and move to towards a low-carbon economy, the following recent post was higlighted by the "Green SOCH @ ISBR" blog:

"Sustainable computing - As part of this program, they are upgrading the core sites in a phased approach, with new technology and more efficient use of space. Through this and other energy efficiency initiatives, they reduced absolute energy use from operations by 1% in 2006. That equals savings of approximately 35 million kWh and reduction of the carbon footprint by 18,000 tons of greenhouse gases. HP has set a goal to reduce the combined energy consumption of HP operations and products 20% below 2005 levels by 2010."
More specifically from HP's 2008 Global Citizenship Report, HP has set the following target metrics:


HP will reduce the combined energy consumption and associated GHG emissions of HP operations and products by 25 percent below 2005 levels1 by achieving the following:

  • Operations: HP will reduce energy consumption and the resulting GHG emissions from HP-owned and HP-leased facilities worldwide to 16 percent below 2005 levels.2

  • Products: HP will reduce the energy consumption of HP products3 and associated GHG emissions through specific goals for representative product categories, including the following goals for some of HP’s highest-volume PCs, printers and servers families:
    • Improve energy efficiency for high-volume server families by 50 percent, relative to 20054
    • Reduce the energy consumption of volume desktop and notebook PC families by 25 percent, relative to 20055


  • Products: Improve energy efficiency for high-volume printer families by 40 percent, relative to 20056

  • Progress: We reached 19.2 percent reduction in our combined operations and products energy use at the end of October 2007, the end of HP’s reporting year. We are confident that we surpassed the 20 percent mark by February 2008, more than two and a half years early.

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